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8 Mascara Tricks that Will Change Your Beauty Routine

If you asked us which product we wouldn’t dare leave the house without, we’d answer “mascara” 10 out of 10 times. Seriously, one swipe and it instantly looks like you got a full night’s rest, when in actuality, you were up all night powering through Stranger Things.

But, as crucial as this step is in your morning routine, it’s also the one you haphazardly do in the car, on the way to work, or just before running out the door—giving it about zero percent thought. Right? It’s this behavior that gets us our lashes into trouble, and deprives them from looking as long and luscious as possible. Which is pretty much the whole point! We want you to unleash your mascara’s full potential, so we compiled eight tricks that will totally change the way you swipe your spoolie, er, magic wand.


Mascara tips and hacks


1. Try a Mascara Cocktail … Straight Up

Rum and Cokes are delightful, but lately our favorite type of cocktail is in mascara form. It could be yours, too, if your lash needs aren’t being met by any one single formula. Follow this step-by-step lash cocktailing guide and layer away so you can get the biggest, baddest lashes in town.


2. Look Down

It’s safe to say, most of us have experienced the unavoidable mascara smudge-on-your-lid situation. No matter how careful we are, we always seem to get the stuff all over  … and removing it without disturbing our perfectly mascara-ed lashes is virtually impossible. 

Well, the trick to avoiding this messy fate is so simple, you’ll probably feel a little silly when you hear it: Just look down. Yup, next time you apply your mascara, instead of looking at the mirror or upward, face your eyeballs downward. This will shift lashes lower and keep them from hitting your lids when you swipe on mascara. Who knew?


3. When in Doubt (or Just Tired), Add a Little Color

We were raised to believe that a bad case of sleepy (aka hungover) eyes can be quickly cured with a nice coat of black, lengthening mascara (in addition to a greasy breakfast burrito). Concealer helps, too.

But, sometimes even several coats of “Blackest Black” is not enough to perk up those tired eyes. When your trusty ol’ mascara just isn’t cutting it, bring on the color! Vibrant hues like purple and royal blue are known to help bring out the whites of your eyes better than classic black, and can hide redness and sleepiness in a sec swipe.


Product Recommendations: YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Spring Collection, NYX Color Mascara


4. Use Baby Powder

If your lashes are limp and thin, listen up. After you apply your first coat and before you apply your second, try dusting on a little baby powder with a flat shadow brush. The powder will cling to the lashes and thicken your mascara coats, so they appear fuller and more voluminous.


5. Root-Stamp

No, this trick doesn’t involve your local post office. “Stamping” the root of your lashes with mascara fills in the empty spaces between lashes, giving off the appearance of eyeliner (with much less effort!). This makes them look darker, fuller and much, much bolder.


6. Don’t Neglect the Bottom Lashes

Big, Bambi-like eyes are what dreams are made of. And achieving them doesn’t have to involve a 12-step program and loads of lash glue. Promise. Doe-like peepers are simply a result of applying mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Lengthening your top and bottom lashes instantly opens up the eye area and makes you look more awake. So, don’t skimp on the mascara application! For added drama, you can even draw on bottom lashes using felt-tip black eyeliner. Take a look at this Twiggy makeup tutorial and you’ll see what we’re talking about!


7. Bend the Brush

Getting those shorter lashes at the innermost corner of your eye is nearly impossible (without poking your nose, at least). Keep your perfectly-applied foundation mascara-free and try this pro makeup trick by bending the handle so it’s perpendicular to the brush. This allows you to work those hard-to-reach corners without the #mascarastruggle.


8. Wiggle Your Wand

Instead of just swiping your spoolie upward in a single motion, wiggle your wand as you work your way through the entire lash. This ensures that every single lash gets coated from root to tip!


Do you have any mascara hacks of your own to share? Give us the scoop below!



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