December 15, 2016 Diana Crisan Nails

Beauty Haul of Fame: The Best Nude Nail Polishes for Every Skin Tone

You can’t go wrong with neutral nail polish. In fact, some of our personal favorites are taupey nude, beige nude, pinky nude and nude nude. That said, we want you to find your best nude, too! Here, we’ve rounded up four nude nail polish shades by essie to complement every skin tone.


Fair Skin Tones

For fair skin tones, go for a pinkish-nude nail polish with a sheer finish. This natural shade works with your undertones and gives your nails a fresh hint of color—like glowing skin, but for your nail beds!

Editor’s Pick: essie in allure


Medium Skin Tones

Complement medium skin tones with with a soft taupe or beige shade. It looks fresh, clean and polished against your skin and gives fingers an elongated effect. So go on, stack those dainty midi rings to your heart’s content.

Editor’s Pick: essie in sand tropez


Olive Skin Tones

Your naturally tan skin works well against neutral, peachy-brown shades. This tawny hue brings out the warmth in your skin so it always feels like summer, even in mid-December.

Editor’s Pick: essie in perennial chic


Dark Skin Tones

Rosy-nude hues and coffee-colored tones contrast nicely with darker skin tones. One swipe of these rich shades and you’ll want to stay in the nude every time you get a mani.

Editor’s Pick: essie in eternal optimist



Which classic essie shade is your absolute fave? Share in the comments below?



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