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The Trick to Perking Up a Pale Winter Face

Keeping some color in your face during the cold winter months can be tricky. Many automatically think bronzer is the only way to warm up a pale or ashy face during the colder months. The problem is, bronzer doesn’t always work for everyone. Sometimes it’s too noticeable on very fair skin, creating a slightly orange look — not cute! Check out some tips on how to perk up a pale complexion — without getting the not-so-cute tangerine effect!

pale winter face

Tinted Moisturizer

When it comes to brightening up your winter face, tinted moisturizer is the real winner. Look for one that’s extra light and comes in a few different shades, like Lancôme Imanance Tinted Day Creme, so you can make sure it blends in with your fair skin tone. Smoothing on just a small amount will not only add a touch of color, but also improve the skin’s texture.


After the moisturizer, dust some blush on your cheeks to give your face a healthy, flushed look. Blush blends in seamlessly on top of moisturizer, making for natural and non-cakey color. Try swiping on a light pink blush (we like NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush in Angel), and then rub it in gently with your fingers. The color will melt right into your skin, creating a rosy flush that looks 100 percent windblown.

Do you have any tips for livening up a fair face? Tell us in the comments!

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