Mar 19
rustic country bridal beauty
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Bridal Beauty: Rustic Country Look

Close your eyes and picture your wedding day — if images of open fields, streaming sunlight and dreamy lilies filled your head, you may have a rustic country ceremony in your future. We teamed up with Wedding Salon, a leading bridal expo and trade show company, to create a soft, romantic beauty look that’s perfect [...]

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Feb 21
minimal product makeup
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Minimalist Makeup: 3 Products, 3 Different Looks

There’s a soft spot in our hearts for every last lipstick and liquid liner in our makeup bags, but we’re not going to wear all of it every day. Occasionally, we take a minimalist approach. The true makeup minimalist would probably apply tinted moisturizer, concealer and mascara and be done with it. Full disclosure: we’re [...]

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Feb 08
5 minute makeup
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The 3-, 5-, and 10-Minute Face

Not to brag, but we are masters of get-out-the-door-and-on-with-your-day beauty. Give us just three minutes and we can make ourselves look presentable. In five, we can turn presentable into looking pretty good. And in ten minutes…Well, we’re pretty much ready to hit the red carpet at the Oscars. OK, maybe we’re not that skillful, but [...]

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Feb 03
matte eyeshadow looks
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The Right Way to Wear Matte Eyeshadow

When the matte lip trend first emerged, we were a bit skeptical. We had grown close with our collection of glosses, lacquers and balms and were reluctant to consider another option – especially one that had the potential to make our lips look parched and flaky.  But we gave it a chance – and we’re [...]

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Jan 08
iconic beauty looks
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Iconic Beauty: The Looks We Love Year After Year

In life, there are some things that get better with time (wine, cheese, Julianne Moore); some that are best enjoyed when fresh and shiny (the thrill of opening a gorgeous, brand new lipstick is matched by few); and others that stay timeless and elegant, no matter the time or occasion. Today, we’re highlighting three makeup [...]

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Dec 13
festive daytime holiday tutorial
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Holiday Tutorial: Festive Daytime Look

Here at MDC headquarters, we’re in full-on holiday mode – we’re talking glitter liner, frosty manis, shiny lips…if it twinkles in the slightest, you’ll find us sporting it on our eyes, lips and nails in some way or other.  For the next few weeks, we’re taking a break from matte and indulging our wildest wishes [...]

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