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Apr 16
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Choosing the Right Bold Lip Color for Your Skin Tone

You strive to be a bold presence in the world, so why should your lip color be any different? It shouldn’t, but sometimes bright shades can be a little intimidating. If you’re new to a bright lip and want to steer clear of looking like a clown, keep your eye makeup light and go easy [...]

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Apr 15
beauty splurges
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Beauty Splurges: How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund?

Maybe you’re one of those extremely responsible types who got their taxes filed way back in February. Or maybe you’re only visiting right now because you’re procrastinating while looms on your other browser tab (hey, we’ve got until midnight to file, right?!) Whatever group you may be in, it’s likely you’re getting a [...]

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Apr 11
spring and summer beauty
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Spring-to-Summer: Products to Buy Now and Use All Season Long

Our beauty product portfolios go through several updates throughout the year. We’re never ones to turn down an opportunity to pick up new product, but all the seasonal transitions our cosmetics bags go through can take a toll on the wallet. So we’ve rounded up our favorite new product launches for spring that will also [...]

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Mar 21
how to look like a ballerina
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4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Ballerina

Our days at the barre are certainly behind us. These days we prefer bars of a different nature. But while we may not be itching to put on a pair of pink tights anytime soon (or ever again), we must admit that undeniable je ne sais quoi of a dancer is still something we strive [...]

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Mar 13
ultimate shampoo guide
Hair, Product Picks, Spotlight

The Ultimate Shampoo Guide

We all love having choices. That is, until we have too many of them. Staring into a case of rainbow-colored macarons is one thing (we’ll take one of each, please!), but walking down the shampoo aisle is a whole different breed of overwhelming. There’s shampoo for fine hair. There’s shampoo for color-treated hair. But what [...]

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Mar 12
hybrid beauty products
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A New Breed: Beauty Product Hybrids You Have to Try

We’ve been fans of 2-in-1 products ever since cellphones first started including cameras (a key technological development we blame for our Instagram addiction). Call it our inner lazy girl, but there’s something incredibly appealing about any product that saves us time and reduces clutter. We apply the same mindset toward our beauty routine — why [...]

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