February 15, 2012 Makeup.com Natural Makeup

How to Make Any Lipstick Look Like it Was Applied at the Beauty Counter

If the drastic change in temperature has been giving your lips a lashing, take solace in these tips—they'll help you to achieve a picture-worthy, painted pout ASAP! Two renowned dermatologists, Dr. Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell and Dr. Alex A. Khadavi weighed in on the steps, products, and habits that can make or break healthy lips.
#1 Check your medicine cabinet. "Be aware of your medications. Certain drugs like the retinoids used in cystic acne improve acne by reducing oil production all over...hence lip dryness is a common side effect of this drug," says Dr. Verallo-Rowell.
#2 Boost bedtime hydration. "Frequently apply moisturizers, particularly petrolatum based ones like Aquaphor," says Dr. Khadavi. "This can be applied 4-5 times a day. Using it before going to sleep would be a good idea."
#3 Slather and repair. "When looking for a lip moisturizer, look for a lot of petroleum jelly and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in a moisturizer/protection/treatment lip balm; VCO is great because it has fatty acids that are native to the cell walls of the skin to help heal inflamed/irritated skin," says Dr. Verallo-Rowell.
#4 Seek cover. "Photo-contact dermatitis or any form of photo-allergy tends to dry up the lower lips much more than the upper lips," says Dr. Verallo-Rowell. "This kind of allergy is due to chemicals that are sun/light reactive...Being up in the slopes without a sunscreen may produce this kind of dermatitis more readily to contribute to lip drying."
#5 Don't touch! "Stop licking your lips since [it can] dry out the lips," says Dr. Khadavi.
#6 Rebuild collagen. "It can be helpful to use anti-aging products that contain growth factors that help re-stimulate collagen production and help rebuild the top layer of the skin of the lip," says Dr. Khadavi.


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