June 26, 2013 Makeup.com Spotlight

1-Minute Makeover: Plump Your Pout

If you’re coveting a plush, pillowy pout a la Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, you’re definitely not alone. “I often meet clients asking how they can make their lips look fuller and plumper,” says New York based makeup artist Tanya Chavez. The good news is: there’s absolutely no need to go under the needle (in fact, we would recommend stepping far, far away) to get those irresistibly juicy lips—all it takes is one minute, four products, and a simple technique. Chaves shows us how:
how to make your lips look bigger

STEP 1: Pick Your Shade

“Bold and bright pinks, plums, reds and oranges are going to give the most fullness.” Chavez advises. “For a more subtle look, nudes work well too but I would recommend avoiding dark colors in the brown tones as those tend to create the illusion of thinner lips.”

STEP 2: Line Lips at an Angle

“Start with a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick and line your lips starting at the very edge and shade inward towards the center,” instructs Chavez. “Here’s the trick: angle the lip liner flat on the lip with the tip of the liner pointing outward. This will also fill in part of your lip with color, which creates an ombre effect. If you hold the lip liner on its point, the line will be too harsh.”

STEP 3: Fill Using Lipstick

“After lining, generously apply your lipstick,” says Chavez. “I prefer a creamy formula because it gives the lip a smooth, soft look. You should be able to see a gentle cascade of shading from your lip liner to the lipstick color.”

STEP 4: Dab Lip Gloss

“Finally, dab clear gloss on the pout of the lip (the center where your lips meet) and press them together for a quick blend,” says Chavez.

STEP 5: Conceal Around Lips

“To give that extra lushness, I will complete the lip with a little concealer around the outside of the lip line to make the shape of the lip pop,” Chavez tells us. “This technique works with all lip colors from the softest of nudes to the brightest bolds.”
To create the look, we used:  
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