June 25, 2013 Deven Hopp Spotlight

Tuesday Tutorial: Barely There Makeup

Legendary blond bombshell, Pamela Anderson, once said, “Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror.” And unfortunately, pretty much any woman will agree; the process it takes to achieve “the natural look” is often anything but. However, we do love the barely there makeup that popped up on the spring/summer runways, and the sheer simplicity of a monochromatic look is too good not to try. To prove that chic makeup minimalist feel can be achieved, we created an all-nude-everything beauty look using just a few key products.

how to do natural makeup


Even it out. The key to the barely there look is an even base. To create a flawless complexion, but still let skin shine through, we chose a tinted moisturizer with light coverage. Starting at the center of the face and working outward, we used a sponge to blend the product all over–including the eyelids and lips. We skipped powder to keep the skin looking fresh and natural.

Highlight and sculpt.
To brighten up the face, we added highlighter to the brow bone, the top of the lips, the bridge of the nose and just above each eyebrow­–all the places you want the light to catch. Then we blended a touch of cream color in a soft bronze shade on the cheeks and temples to enhance our model Ilana’s features. MDC Quick Tip: To get Ilana’s all-over glow, mix a drop or two of liquid luminizer in with your tinted moisturizer like we did.


Play up the peepers. We filled in the brows with a few strokes of our trusty eyebrow pencil. To give the eyes a little extra twinkle we dabbed highlighter in the inner corners of the eye and right at the center of the eyelid. For the slightest bit of added definition, we smudged our cream bronzer just above the crease too. Lash out. All nude makeup means it’s the perfect opportunity to give lashes some love. We loaded the eyelashes with two coats of volumizing mascara up top, and one coat on the bottom. 


Go nude. The neutral base we created with our all-over tinted moisturizer application allows us to achieve a true-to-tone nude color on the lips. To complete the barely there look, we chose a creamy lipstick with an oh-so subtle sheen. Here’s what we used to go nearly au naturel:

Will you give barely there makeup a try? Let us know what you think of the look below.

About the Author: When Deven's not behind the scenes producing our photo shoots, she's behind her computer writing about everything from nail art to new lipstick.