Mar 19
skin brighteners
Skin, Skin Care, Spotlight

Skin Brighteners: What They Are and How They Work

As women, we all know when our skin is not looking its best. We look into the mirror and see the aftermath of the sun, stress, lack of sleep and a poor diet. That vacation in Cabo last week? While it may have been a good time, your skin is definitely paying for the sun […]

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Mar 18
sleek bridal updo
Hair, Looks, Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials, Wedding, Wedding

Bridal Hairstyle You Can Do On Yourself: Sleek Rolled Tuck

Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for ages or if it’s more of the shotgun variety, you want to be walking down the aisle looking glowing and bright — not frazzled or uncomfortable. To reduce the risk of donning crunchy, 8th-grade prom-esque curls done by a “professional” (read: someone who has no history with your […]

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Mar 18
ponytail upgrades
Hair, Spotlight

Tuesday Tutorial: The Ponytail Pick-Me-Up

We’ve all had one of those days when our hair says it all. “Sorry, I overslept,” our strands mumble drearily when we drag into work in the morning. Or “Yes, I did stay out way too late,” they admit in response to curious, potentially judgmental stares. And yet, just because we’ve all had those days […]

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Mar 17
winged eyeliner
Makeup, Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

3 Easy Ways to Wing Out Eyeliner

A perfectly winged stroke of eyeliner can take any beauty look to the next level. Actually creating one? Easier said than done. There are so many variables involved — are your hands shaky or steady? Have you been winging like a pro for years or are you an eyeliner newbie? Do you have 5 minutes […]

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Mar 17
neutral gradient manicure
Nail, Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

Manicure Monday: Neutral Gradient Nails

In our book, a bright pop of color goes a long way. We love a bold lip or a flashy mani, but some of us are just ready for springtime (whether or not it’s ready for us). And with that comes daydreams of soft pink blossoms on trees, floral-printed sundresses, blue skies and fluffy clouds. And what […]

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Mar 15
timeless manicure
General, Nail, Spotlight

Nail Guide: The Timeless Manicures to Always Keep on Hand

More often than not the period for which something stays “timeless” is rather short-lived. As nail art enthusiasts, we love a good chevron mani, but we also know that our time with the zigzagged stripes is fleeting. Soon enough we’ll be on to the next trend. That said, there are a few classic manicures we […]

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Mar 14
overnight beauty treatments
Hair, Makeup, Skin, Spotlight, Tips And Tutorials

4 Overnight Beauty Treatments to Try Tonight

Sleeping Beauty had the right idea — sleep for 100 years and wake up looking flawless? We’re more than on board with that idea. Today, we’re channeling our inner Princess Aurora and sharing four products that will work their magic while you sleep, allowing you to wake up to glowing skin, shiny strands and soft […]

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