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The Do's and Don'ts of Post-Workout Primping

Consider this: You’ve got a jam-packed schedule for the day, and to start it off right you need to cram in an AM workout — which leaves you minimal primp time before the chaos begins. But your post-workout look is a little more red-faced than glowing, more “sweating profusely” than dewy … yikes. As tempting as it is to rush into the ladies locker room and quickly slather on product at an attempt to hide your total exhaustion, there are five major mistakes that can really cost you. Are you committing any of these beauty mistakes?
post workout mistakes 

Sin No. 1: Rushing Through the Cleanse

Even if you don’t have time for a full shower post-sweat sesh, you NEED to get out of those sweaty clothes stat and thoroughly cleanse your face. Otherwise, you leave your skin susceptible to breakouts.

Sin No. 2: Rinsing With Hot Water

While cold showers aren’t exactly desirable on any occasion, consider them your post-workout refresh session. Hot water not only opens pores and dries out skin, it isn’t helping with exercise-induced redness —especially on your face. To get rid of redness in a hurry, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Sin No. 3: Following Your Normal Makeup Routine

If you normally sweep pink blush or deep-hued bronzer on your cheeks in the morning, it’s best to skip this step after a workout. Combining blush with already-flushed cheeks can take your cheeks from charming to circus in minutes. Add a bit of matte foundation to your reddest areas and skip the blush.

Sin No. 4: Not Going Waterproof

Your makeup post-workout (and during your workout, if you plan to wear makeup) may have a harder time staying in place. Even if you wash thoroughly and pat dry, you can actually still produce sweat long after you leave the gym. Be prepared with waterproof mascara and minimal smudge-prone products to ensure the makeup stays put. And, read these tips for making your makeup last all day.

Sin No. 5: Styling When Damp

Let’s face it, after-workout hair often feels like a lost cause. And to make matters worse, you don’t always have an hour for styling before you head out. Don’t overcompensate by trying to do a complete wash, rinse, dry, and style in a flash — you’ll likely end up trying to flat-iron damp hair or fix a head full of frizz. Skip the full wash and opt for dry shampoo and a cute updo. Because you know what they say: ain’t nobody got time for that.

Sin No. 6: Skimping on Water

Showering in cold water isn’t the only way cold water can help in your post-workout routine. It’s also important to drink about 8 ounces of water within 30 minutes of your exercise routine. This will help hydrate your body, which in turns yields beautiful skin!
Are you guilty of any of these post-workout mistakes? Tell your stories in the comments below.
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