October 22, 2010 Makeup.com TIPS & TUTORIALS

Sneak Peek at YSL's Spring Makeup!

If you could bottle all the colors of a Mediterranean getaway into a makeup collection, you'd have Yves Saint Laurent's spring line. I caught a preview of it yesterday at their editors' event, which was hosted by Lloyd Simmonds, their new international makeup artist. As Lloyd walked us through the range, we all ooo'd and ahh'd over the punchy assortment of tulip brights and shimmering neutrals. It's rare that I can imagine myself wearing every single shade in a seasonal collection, but even the vibrant colors in YSL's spring lineup have a sheerness, so nothing feels over the top. They even sold me on colored mascara (something I've never quite gotten into) by going with a grayish plum that reads as "just a little something different," not "purple lashes" (check it out below). But the star product we all went nuts over is the new Cream Blush (above center). It feels like a solid jelly and looks shockingly bright in the pot, but when you rub it into your skin, it creates the equivalent of a lip stain on your cheeks. And the feel is amazing—it literally glides along skin and is so easy to blend. The only downside is, you can't wear these juicy colors on your lips! Well, you can, but according to Lloyd, the transparent texture isn't designed to last on your mouth. (But we all made a point of raving about how we'd love these as lip shades, so maybe if we all make a lot of noise, YSL will create them!) The line hits stores starting in February, and shown above (starting from left) is Ombre Solo Eye Shadow in No. 16 Topaz Blue, Cream Blush in No. 6 Passion Red (top) and No. 5 Temptation Fuchsia, and Golden Gloss in No. 41 Golden Isolence. Read on to see more of YSL's spring makeup!


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