Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But sometimes you want to change how the beholder sees you—especially when you’ve gained a few pounds, deprived yourself of sleep or tweezed your brows til they’re, well, gone! Here, two top makeup artists share their secrets for makeup fake-outs so you can look flawless even when you’re not feelin’ it.

Problem? Every time your waistline increases in size, so do your cheeks.

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Makeup fake-out: “As a typical rule of thumb, wherever you apply something dark it will make that area recede,” explains Raychel Wade, owner of Cheek to Chic. “So, when applying bronzer to make your face look slimmer, make sure to concentrate on the hollows of your cheeks (the area directly under your cheekbones).” To apply, suck in your cheeks like you are drinking from a straw and blend the brush back and forth. Also, dust the bronzer across your temples and then blend it into and below the jaw line. “Using a slightly darker shade of tinted moisturizer will also have a more slenderizing effect on the face,” adds Tony Ballard, a Tarte cosmetics makeup artist. Another tip? Dusting on a little shimmer can make cheekbones look higher.

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