December 11, 2012 Caitlin Larwood Editor's Picks

What's in Amanda's Makeup Bag?

Contributor Caitlin Larwood has always admired the style of her friend, Amanda Russell. She asked her what essentials she carries in her makeup bag.
Name: Amanda Russell
Location: New York
Occupation: Celebrity fitness expert
Song she can’t stop listening to: "Some Nights" by Fun
Beauty icon: "Sophia Loren. She's classy, timeless, ageless and simply and undeniably stunning."
Beauty advice: "Less is more."
Holiday plans: "I always go to my hometown in Northern Ontario, Canada. It's the only time of year I go home, and I wouldn't miss it for the world."
What’s in her makeup bag:
Thanks, Amanda. Look out for new makeup bag disclosures every week!

Photo: Peter Hurley



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