Deven Hopp May 3, 2013
One of our favorite things about makeup is how the littlest tweaks can create a big difference. Of course we could spend hours primping and powdering, but it’s the tricks that take only a matter of seconds that we truly love. We wanted a quick fix to make our peepers pop, so we enlisted some expert help to bring you this 1-Minute Makeover. 

make your eyes look bigger 

20 seconds: Brighten the inner corner of the eye and the water line with flesh-toned eyeliner. Lining the water line with dark colors can make eyes look smaller, but light colors open up the eye.

20 seconds: Enhance eye shape by adding definition to the lower lash line. Makeup artist Tim Quinn gave us this tip: “Softy smudging eye shadow along the bottom lash line helps to make the eye appear larger, especially with the contrast of the nude liner.”

20 seconds:
Curl your lashes. If you can only afford a 20-second fix for your eyes, make it a squeeze of the eyelash curler. Curled lashes not only make you look more awake, they also instantly make your eyes look bigger. 
Our Product Pick: Shu Uermura Eyelash Curler, nothing beats the precision of this award-winning gizmo.

Total Time: 1 minute We’re curious; do you curl your lashes before or after mascara? Let us know below! Photos: Thinkstock


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