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The glitz, the glamour, the arrivals, and the afterparties...the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival is in full swing! Follow this week as we bring you exclusive coverage from celebrities and industry experts who are on the ground, walking the red carpet, and behind the scenes.  cannes film festival 2013 Freshly arrived at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, supermodel Liya Kebede sits down with to give us a first peek at the scene on the ground, dish on her latest beauty discoveries, and share what makes her feel the most beautiful. Tell us a little bit about what you’ve got planned for Cannes this year. Is there anything in particular that you’re really looking forward to or excited about? I’ve been coming to Cannes for the past three years with L'Oréal Paris and it’s something I always look forward to. Cannes is exciting and the festival is really incredible and international. People come from all over the world to celebrate cinema so it’s always a pleasure to be here and to watch great film and meet and mingle with really interesting people. What’s the atmosphere like there this year? Well it’s kind of picking up slowly because of the weather. It’s been raining and just today there’s a little bit of sun, which I’m trying to take advantage of as I’m sitting outside and talking to you. People are still hoping that the weather will clear because it’s difficult to walk the red carpet when there’s rain and your dress is stuck in the puddle. (laughs) But I think it’s going to be good going forward. You’ve mentioned in other interviews before that you have a fairly simple approach to beauty, but when it comes to glamorous occasions is there one thing that you really enjoy playing up or having fun with? Yeah, I really do love going all out when I’m out—like at Cannes or the Met Gala earlier. On those kinds of occasions, it’s fun to experiment and find a new look. I’m always up for testing things out. I do love a red lip a lot, which is fun, and adds a chicness to any outfit you have on. I’m also always up for dark eyes, smoky eyes, different liners…I like to play around more for special occasions. Do you have any beauty products that you carry with you at all times? Usually I always carry mascara in my bag—I’ve been using the Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara from L'Oréal Paris for a long time. I also always have a black liner—I do the Gel Intenza Super Liner—and a red lipstick. When I come to Cannes, I also like to pick up one of my favorite French pharmacie products: lip balm from Homeoplasmine. Recently I’ve also been carrying Elvive Extraordinary Oil for my hair, because I find that my hair has been so dry lately and tired from being brushed and blow dried—all those things we do it every day. I want to give it a bit of hydration so I put the oil on, leave it in, and wash it the next day. I’m also planning on using it all summer at the beach as a protector from the sun. What about your skin? Is there anything you use to protect it since you’re also always in and out of makeup all the time? A lot of it is that I take good care of my skin when I take off my makeup and hydrate it very well. I don’t do a lot of facials but I always apply a thick cream after taking off my makeup and just let it nourish my skin. What is it that makes you feel the most beautiful? I think it depends. When I’m on the red carpet of course, because I have the most amazing outfit and the hair and the makeup are so perfect. At the same time, I also feel very beautiful when I’m in the sun and with my kids in a natural state. And happiness makes me feel very beautiful as well. It depends, you know. For Team MDC’s take on two of Kebede’s beauty favorites, check out The Dos and Don’ts of Hair Oil, and How To Apply Mascara (The Right Way!). Photos: L’Oréal Paris


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