Dec 1, 2015

We’re not psychic but we predict 2016 will be a VERY good year. And, we didn’t need a crystal ball to come to this conclusion! All we had to do with check in with some of our fave beauty experts who gave us the scoop on the looks that will be hotter than hot in 2016. From shimmery nude nails and grey eye shadow to sassy ponytails and chignons, next year is already giving us all the feels!

2016 Beauty Trends


2016 will definitely be a great time to put your best (and most natural) face forward. Complexions will take a softer turn while maintaining a subtle, luminous quality. Check out the trends that will be all over your mug.

Big Brow Theory

The full, bold brows that dominated this year will only be picking up steam in 2016. “Again, this season, defined eyebrows will be huge,” says Grace Lee, makeup artist for Maybelline New York. Make sure to invest in a quality brow pencil or powder to make sure your brows are filled to perfection.

Lighter Lids

The severe liner looks we saw this year may be taking a backseat to softer, sweeter eye looks. “Graphic eye makeup and liner will fall by the wayside (in 2016),” says Tim Quinn, celebrity makeup artist for Giorgio Armani.Soft grey eye shadow palettes with unexpected pops of color will be huge.”

Pouts with a Punch

The bright lips we loved so much in 2015 will be sticking around next year. Shades like classic red and rich browns will be all the rage, so make sure you find the right bold colors for your skin tone and stock up!

Glowing Skin

While there is always a place in our hearts (and faces) for matte makeup, glowing, luminous skin will be SO in next year. Dewy foundations and highlighters should be staples in your makeup bag.


When it comes to hair trends, next year will be all about going back to basics. Extreme ombrés and cotton candy hair will slow down as natural, subtle hair transitions step into play.

Deep Roots

You may be seeing less of your hairdresser next year as the exposed-hair trend makes its way into the beauty frontlines. “Natural roots with depth are huge,”says George Papanikolas, Matrix Celebrity Stylist. “Now, I'm not talking about drastic ombrés, but more of a natural and effortless look. So, whether it's blond with lots of depth and dimension at the roots, or brunette with a rich, chocolate base and soft sun-kissed highlights, doing less is key to a modern style.”

Ponies ‘n’ Buns

The simple styles of our childhood will be coming back around next year as pretty ponytails and sleek chignons hit the trend circuit. “We're seeing the ponytail trend staying huge, but becoming more refined,” says Craig Wcislo, Kérastase Stylist and Manager of LuxeLab in Santa Monica, California. “The look isn’t so much a thrown-together workout pony. It’s more of a slicked-back and braided style.”

As for the buns, a simple-yet-classy chignon will be your go-to next year as well. “Take that pony and twist it into a high, flat chignon or low and messy at the nape,” says Wcislo. “Both are fast, elegant looks that anyone can do on themselves in just a few minutes, lending a refined-but-relaxed esthetic, which will be replacing the time-consuming blowout look.”

Loose & Lovely Locks

Unkempt hair will be the chicest thing on the block come January 1. “As seen at Rodarte’s runway show for the Spring/Summer 2016 season, hair styling is headed in a new direction: unconstructed hair,” says Wcislo. “Rather than having perfectly blown-out locks, we're going toward a less-finished look. Instead of looking like you just walked out of the blowdry bar, you may want to aim for a more natural shape. Think ‘second-day’ hair.”

Natural Color

Hair color will be riding that au naturel train as well.  “We’ll be seeing finer weaving and more subtle tones. Think of gradient color as opposed to stark contrast,” says Wcislo.


Nails are taking an interesting turn next year as the use of negative space and unique textures come into play.

Sparkling Digits

Bare nude nails get an upgrade next year, says Los Angeles-based celeb nail artist Kait Mosh. “With all the ’90s-inspired looks coming back in a more sophisticated way, it’s no surprise that some form of glitter is coming back, too,” says Mosh. “This is essentially the new nude mani. These finishes will be more refined than the glitters of our youth. Think sheer pink or beige that catches the light at every angle. It’s classy, yet full of sparkle.”

Negative Nails

Extreme nail art and design will fall by the wayside next year as the use of negative space and simple shapes will be the new way to go. “Minimalist nail designs incorporating negative space were seen all over models at New York Fashion Week,” says Mosh. “And, obviously if designers are into it, it’s gotta be cool!”

Metal Mania

Shiny gold and silvers will take over the nail world, as well as interesting textures and finishes. “We'll be seeing a lot of textured polishes, as well as metallic golds and silvers,” says Mosh. “These are fitting choices, as the ‘refined minimalist’ aesthetic seems to be capturing the heart of the fashion world right now. They give edge without being as harsh as a black or a gunmetal.”

Photos provided by Kérastase, essie and Maybelline



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