Nov 16, 2015

While everyone is preparing for the holidays, the team here at is busy preparing a new year. Sorry to break it to you 2015, but we’re SO over you. Our minds and hearts are already jumping ahead to 2016 and all the possibilities it brings to our beauty routines. Last week, we covered makeup trends that will be all the rage next year, and this week we’re talking hair. Check out what the pros have to say about the hair looks that will soon take over our lives.

2016 Hair Trends

Subtle, Natural Hair Color 

There’s a time and place for drastic color and textures, but next year may not be it. “We're moving away from the heaviness of balayage and ombré, and moving toward more delicately placed colors,” explains Craig Wcislo, Kérastase Stylist and Manager of LuxeLab in Santa Monica, California. “We’ll be seeing finer weaving and more subtle tones. Think of gradient color as opposed to stark contrast.”

De-Constructed Hair

We love perfectly curled locks that are styled to perfection, but next year’s trends call for a little less structure. “As seen at Rodarte’s runway show for the Spring/Summer 2016 season, hair styling is headed in a new direction: unconstructed hair,” says Wcislo. “Rather than having perfectly blown-out locks, we're going toward a less-finished look. Instead of looking like you just walked out of the blowdry bar, you may want to aim for a more natural shape. Think ‘second-day’ hair.”  

Redken Global Creative Director, Guido, adds, “I think we’re going to be seeing more and more ‘real hair’ and natural texture, similar to what was shown on the runways recently. Next year’s looks will feel easy and nonchalant, and, more importantly, modern.”

Ponytails and Chignons 

The sleek and sassy pony trend that took over this year isn’t going away any time soon. “We're seeing the ponytail trend staying huge, but becoming more refined” says Wcislo. “The look isn’t so much a thrown-together workout pony. It’s more of a slicked-back and braided style.”

Formal buns are also getting the spotlight next year. “Chignons may become the biggest thing in 2016,” adds Wcislo. “Take that pony and twist it into a high, flat chignon or low and messy at the nape. Both are fast, elegant looks that anyone can do on themselves in just a few minutes, lending a refined-but-relaxed esthetic, which will be replacing the time-consuming blowout look.”

Back to Your Roots 

Riding on the coattails of the natural hair trend is the exposed-root movement sweeping the hair world. Don’t worry about running to your hairstylist every month to get your roots touched up. Grown-out, rooty hair is making its presence known next year. “Natural roots with depth are huge,” says George Papanikolas, Matrix Celebrity Stylist. “Now, I'm not talking about drastic ombrés, but more of a natural and effortless look. So, whether it's blond with lots of depth and dimension at the roots, or brunette with a rich, chocolate base and soft sun-kissed highlights, doing less is key to a modern style.”

Now that you’re hip to all the trends of 2016, start your year right with some of our hair tips and tutorials!

Photos provided by Kérastase



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