Aug 20, 2014

As you may know by now, we’re in the middle of our 3-Day Hair Challenge. Three days without washing our hair might invoke fear and anxiety in some, but not us! We’re determined to keep our hair healthy and do our part to conserve water, as well as empower you all to do the same! Take a look at how we fared on our 2nd day and the hairstyles that kept us looking fresh and clean, sans water!

day 2

Jessyca Dewey, Managing Editor

Hairstyle: Princess Twists

"This morning, my hair was mostly in great shape, but it was starting to look a little stringy around my hairline. I used L’Oréal Professionel True Grip Texturizing Powder to add some volume to my crown, and then I twisted the strands of hair along my hairline and pulled them back into a pony with a clear elastic hair tie.

Angela Melero, Associate Editor

Hairstyle: Textured Pony

“To make sure I woke up with decent hair, I sprayed a little Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender into my hair before bed last night. It really helped make my hair more manageable and fresh-looking this morning! For today’s look, I decided to go for a messy pony. I teased the hair at the crown to give it some lift. I pulled my hair into a semi-low pony and wrapped the base. I fluffed my ponytail and sprayed it with a flexible hold hairspray to give it a textured look!”

Erin Laine, Production/Content Coordinator

 Hairstyle: Braided Topsy Tail Bun

“Day-two hair is usually my best hair day, but I woke up a little late and decided to put my hair into a low topsy tail-esque bun. It's super simple — just pull hair into a low pony, braid it, and do a topsy tail (I flipped it through twice), then pin! Super chic and it holds up well for Day 2. Use a little L'Oréal TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray for texture!"

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 What’s your go-to hairstyle for second-day hair? Fill us in in the comments below!

Photography: Erin Laine
Models: Jessyca Dewey, Angela Melero, Erin Laine



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