The day of reckoning has arrived. We’ve survived three days of not washing our hair! This challenge has taught us that we can still have fabulously fresh-looking hair without scrubbing it to bits every day. We’ve also learned the wonders of the various hair products that save our unwashed locks from the elements: post-gym smell, bed-head (the bad kind), oil buildup, etc. By our calculations, we estimate that we saved about 30 gallons of water, too! Here’s how we made out over these three days! Also, check us out on Day #1 and Day #2!

day 3

Jessyca Dewey, Managing Editor: Messy Bun

"I feel like I could oil a cake pan with my hair right about now, which is why I'm rocking the classic messy bun. With a little bit of texturizing powder to soak up the oil and a bit of hairspray  like Garnier Full Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray, my hair looks (and smells) pretty good!”

Angela Melero, Associate Editor: Milkmaid Braids

“Although not completely oily, my hair is definitely in limp territory. My solution is simple: milkmaid braids. Not only are they great at masking my wilting locks, but they’re super cute and easy to do! I just part my hair into two sections, braid them and wrap them around my head. After securing them with bobby pins and some strong-hold hairspray like L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray, I’m good to go about my day!

Erin Laine, Production/Content Coordinator: Double-Front Braid

“My hair still isn't looking that oily, but it's feeling a little dirty and stiff. I decided to pull my front piece into a French braid, and then I braided a second section of hair behind it and pinned both behind my ear. I used a little Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Style Beach Chic Texturizing Spray for a beachy, effortless look.

Would you ever know we hadn’t washed our hair in three days?! Tell us your go-to style in the comments below!

Photography: Erin Laine
Models: Jessyca Dewey, Angela Melero, Erin Laine

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