mhendrix Aug 16, 2011
Hot-weather hairstyling comes with its own set of challenges—hello, humidity-induced fluff—that make you want to throw in the towel. But, what if we told you that you could ditch the blowdryer/straightener/curling iron and loook just as glam? Read on for a few top secrets from stylists for cool summer 'dos. The look: Roughed-Up Bun Best for: Straight hair How to get it: Mist dry hair with Garnier Control Anti-Humidity Hairspray to give fine locks a bit of texture and grip. Smooth hair into a ponytail with a flat paddle brush and secure with an elastic. (Cheapie trick that looks chic: Cut old panty hose into thin rings for snag-free hair bands.) Tease the ponytail with a comb to make the bun appear fatter. “Don’t be afraid to be really dramatic,” says Mena. “The texture makes the style a lot more fun.” Smooth the top layer of the ponytail with your brush, then wind hair around the base and pin into place. The look: Modern Milkmaid Best for: Wavy hair How to get it: Michael Shaun Corby, creative director of Alterna Haircare, created a braided updo that’s “feminine without looking overdone.” Start by sectioning hair into thirds (both sides and the back). For Corby’s “organic braid,” start by securing the end of one section with a clear elastic. Next, begin braiding from the middle of the section. As you twist, you’ll start to notice a second braid forming in reverse below your fingers. When you can’t continue braiding, loop the bottom braid through the hole in the middle where both braids meet. This secures the braid so you don’t need an elastic. After completing the other two sections of hair, twirl the braids around each other and pin at the nape of the neck, leaving the fringe a little wild and messy. The look: Pinned-Up Pompadour Best for: Kinky hair How to get it: From Rihanna to Janelle Monae, pompadours haven’t been this exciting since the 1950s. “The cascade of tendrils in the front make this a worry-free style for those whose strands tend to curl up in the summer heat,” says Veronique Morrison, director of education for Mizani. On dry hair, smooth the sides with Mizani Defyne Wax and begin rolling hair up from the back of the neck. Secure with U-shaped hairpins, to hold the roll in place. When you’ve reached the top-middle of your head, stop pinning and let the ends fall free. Define curls in the front with a frizz-fighting serum (twirl it into strands with your finger). What is your go-to hot weather 'do? 


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