Jan 7, 2015

We wear makeup to boost our natural beauty, not hide it. Unfortunately, embarrassing makeup mistakes will do just that. Are you guilty of the following fails? Check out our tips on how to correct them!

makeup fails

Mistake #1: Testing foundation on the back of your hand

Make sure your makeup truly matches your skin tone by using your neck — not your hand — to test it. The skin on your neck is the lightest and the most uniform in color. You’ll never run the risk of wearing mismatched foundation if you adopt this area as your testing zone.

Mistake #2: Not using a separate blending brush for eye shadow

To avoid harsh color lines between your crease and brow bone, make sure you use a brush designed especially for blending the color in this area, like Lancôme Blending Tip Brush #16, which will ensure shadow looks soft and smoky, not streaky.

Mistake #3: Not lining the lips correctly

If you're only tracing the edges of your lips with lip liner, you are at high risk of exposing tacky red rings if your lipstick wears off. Instead, fill your entire pout with a colored lip pencil or invisible liner like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil. This will create a base for your lip color and won’t leave behind any harsh lines.

What are your worst makeup fails?
 Spill the details in the comments!

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