npearl Mar 23, 2012
Shopping for products online and fishing for beauty deals at the drugstore is as fast and easy as e-mailing. But don’t you ever miss that one-on-one connection, and the expert advice? There’s only one place where this still exists: the makeup counter. Even if you’re not a people person, department stores have beefed up beauty floors with customer perks that are sure to please and make a visit to the counter worth your while. Free samples! Most department stores shell out free samples daily. Nordstrom has even gone so far as to launch a social media campaign called Sample Saturday where followers can get a sneak peek of the sample of the week, then head to their nearest store to enjoy—absolutely gratis. Free makeup application. Why pay for a professional makeup artist when you can hunker down at your favorite counter and have your makeup done there. Department stores don’t charge for this, but it is a courtesy to purchase something. Assuming you like your look, you’d probably want to buy at least one product that was used anyway. One stop shop: Department stores offer a complete wardrobing experience. Saks Fifth Avenue prides itself on the fact that its clients can shop the racks, spritz on a fragrance, get their makeup done and then head out the door and go straight to their event.


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