Aug 20, 2010
Eye shadow has the tendency to slip and slide around faster than a blundering Dancing With The Stars contestant. But there is a way to help it stay on its feet—er, your lids. Makeup artist Collier Strong, a L'Oréal Paris Cosmetics Expert, offers these tips for getting a smooth application that stays put. 1. Get primed. "Blotchy-ness occurs when oils on your lids cause the shadow to adhere and cluster in certain spots. To prevent this, dab a makeup primer on your lids to prevent oil from seeping through to your shadow. Use a makeup sponge to blend a tiny dot of primer, such as L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, on your lids. The sponge gives the sheerest application, which you want on the thin eyelid skin." 2. Add powder. "Next, use a powder puff to lightly press a hint of face powder on top of the primer—this ensures that your shadow will glide on smoothly. And if you're concerned about fading, use a powder eye shadow, which is more opaque and tends to last longer than a cream formula." Try L'Oréal Paris HIP Studio Secrets Professional Crystal Shadow Duo (shown above in Charming). 3. Choose the right color. "Muddiness is a separate issue and is often caused not by the wrong application, but the wrong color choice. If you have olive or dark skin, certain shadow colors such as brown and gray can look murky on you. Instead, go with cooler tones such as navy, dark green, and purple."


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