ajackson Jun 6, 2012
Do you ever stroll down the beauty aisle looking for something that you ultimately realize doesn’t exist? I do it all the time. And then I leave in a huff, swearing “I’ll invent it myself, then!” Though I never get around to patenting my own products, I often return to the store a few weeks later to find said items staring back at me from the shelf. Beauty brands must be mind readers. Here are four perfect-for-summer beauty goodies that have (until now) only been figments of my imagination. Dry conditioner Much like its shampoo counterpart, göt2b Rockin’ It Encore Finish Dry Conditioner lets you wear second day hair to the fullest. The weightless spray makes strands feel softer and look shinier, sans the wet effect of other leave-in conditioners. Overnight peel Moringa oil, glycerin, and vitamin C make the Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel (available July 2012) a super-gentle p.m. treat that leaves skin brighter and more radiant. Scented nail polish remover Do you ever wish that instead of butyl acetate and isopropyl alcohol, your nail polish remover smelled like a creamy bar of white chocolate? Well, you can stop dreaming. Ciate White Chocolate Nourishing and Gentle Nail Polish Remover leaves behind a sweet aroma, plus a little vitamin E to keep your tips strong. Nail polish strips for toes Press-on manicures are genius. You look like you spent hours on a manicure, when it really took 10 seconds to press on a few stickers. What’s not to love? Now you can fake out your friends even more with Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. The same funky patters—for toes this time. What beauty inventions have you been dreaming about?

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