Most of us are creatures of habit. Even if we consider ourselves to be adventurers or risk-takers, there are definite aspects of life in which we play it safe. This can be especially evident in our beauty routines. Think about it: Sure you switch up your lipstick and hairstyle from time to time, but have you ever experimented with those staple products you use every day? Mascara, for example, is one of those items we don’t think twice about. We pick out our fave formula in the blackest of black shades and go about our business, never once wondering if there are other options and looks we should be exploring. In the name of shaking things up a bit, we’d like to open your eyes to a whole new world of mascara. Surprise, surprise … there are shades (other than black and brown) that you can and should be exploring! Check out four ways to up the ante on your mascara game and give your lashes a little color!

How to Wear Colored Mascara

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1. Cover the Top and Bottom Lashes

For those of you fearless makeup lovers who aren’t afraid to make a statement, swipe some colored mascara on the top AND bottom lashes to make those eyes really pop. For some extra pizazz try lining the lash line (top and bottom) with a kohl liner that’s the same shade as your mascara. New York City-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca suggests applying mascara primer (like Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer) prior to throwing on your colored mascara. “Use a white primer to prep and then two or three coats of the colored mascara,” says Rebecca. “Purple and blue are an ideal match for every single eye color!”

2. Pair It With Barely-There Makeup

A great way to implement colored mascara into your everyday look is to make sure the rest of your face is clean and simple. Keep your cheeks and eye shadow minimal, so the lashes do all the talking. While you’re at it, keep the lips toned down as well. “I tend to go for a natural lip when wearing colored mascara because it's such a vibrant look, you want people to really notice it,” says Rebecca. “Soft nudes and pinks are great.”

3. Get the Tips

If you want to give your regular mascara a subtle-yet-visible upgrade, try sweeping colored mascara on the tips of the lashes. Make sure it’s just the tips! This will add a teensy bit of flare to your lashes without going over the top. In fact, your colored lashes probably won’t be super visible unless seen close-up.

4. Layer Up

Another gentle way to face your colored mascara fear is to layer it with your fave mascara. After swiping on your traditional black formula, swipe a coat or two on top of to give a hint of color. Again, this look is very subtle and actually lends more of a colored sheen.

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