Nov 19, 2010
You would assume the first thing that struck me about Elettra Wiedemann is her astonishing natural beauty—not so. Which isn't to diminish how gorgeous she is—I mean hello, she's 1) a model and 2) Isabella Rossellini's daughter. But what stands out most when you first meet her is her razor sharp intelligence and dauntless determination. The girl keeps you on your toes during an interview. So when we recently spoke about her and fiancé James Marshall's latest charity initiative Model Behavior, I almost chickened out of asking her for beauty tips, fearing they'd sound trivial following our discussion about health clinics in Haiti and Rwanda. Good thing I charged ahead—as soon as I broached the topic of beauty, the Lancôme spokesmodel switched into girlfriend mode, dishing her best tips, favorite products, and the reason why her bathroom is like a shrine. 1. What's your makeup style? Very basic! Makeup is my job, so I don't wear a lot when I'm not working. Usually I smooth on a Lancôme tinted moisturizer for a bit of color, add a little blush on my cheeks, a touch of highlighter around my eyes, and a quick swipe of mascara. 2. What has working as a model taught you about makeup? It's allowed me to get to know some amazing makeup artists—Daniel Martin, Andrew Sotomayor, Talia Shobrook—who've all given me incredible tips over the years. But the one that's stuck with me is when Daniel said makeup is about enhancing the features you like, not hiding the ones you don't. For example, I’m comfortable with the shape of my eyes, so I've stopped trying to do all the trendy eye makeup looks and instead I just softly enhance what I naturally have. Now I focus on my lips, and my makeup feels more like me. 3. Have you picked up any interesting beauty tricks along the way? I rub red lipstick on my cheeks because I find it lasts longer than blush. And if I draw in my brows so they're a little darker, my eyes stand out without having to do a lot of eye makeup. 4. You're a Lancôme spokesmodel—which of their products do you use? Oh god, you should see my bathroom—it's like a shrine to Lancôme! I'm so lucky because it's truly every girl's fantasy bathroom. But I have a few staples that are part of my everyday routine. I love the entire Hydra Zen skincare range [available only internationally] and use it religiously. Hypnôse Mascara creates the most beautiful lashes. And I was such a fan of the cream blushes, but they’ve been discontinued. I’m saving the few shades I have left! 5. Your fall Lancôme campaign with Daria Werbowy was so striking. What did you think of it? Thank you! I was so happy with that campaign, because I'd been saying for some time that I'd like to see more makeup ads that include more than just one model. It brings the makeup to life in a new way. Like with Daria and me, we couldn’t look more different—but here we are in the same makeup, so it shows you the different ways you can wear the colors. People have said that in the ad, you look a little like "Alice Cullen" from the Twilight series, and the Lancome blog suggested that the ad makeup should have been the Twilight movie makeup. Ha! Really? Actually, I kind of agree. In fact, I think Daria and I should be in the next Twilight movie! TOP PHOTO: MATTHEW CARASELLA/©SOCIALSHUTTERBUG.COM


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