ajackson Oct 14, 2011
Being the nail enthusiast that I am, I had about a bajillion mani questions for Essie Weingarten (aka in my semi-circle of beauty buds “The Creator of the Modern Polish Movement”). But, I managed to practice self-control by posing Ms. Weingarten with just a few of my most urgent inquiries. There’s always next time to ask the other 198,354 questions. And, trust me—there will be a next time. Q: What is the 'IT' color for fall? What do I need to run out and buy…like, yesterday? A: “The 'It' shade is Power Clutch [a deep gray, green]. Every celebrity is wearing it, and it’s getting tons of play by all the beauty editors.” Q: What kinds of shades do you rock on your own nails? A: “My go-to is always two sheers, one layered on top of another. I like one coat of Blushing Bride or Ballet Slippers topped with one coat of Mademoiselle or Sugar Daddy. I’ll sometimes wear Waltz with Sugar Daddy…every week its two different sheers.” Q: In terms of nail art and design, what look caught your eye for Spring 2012? A: “Spring will be very “matchy-matchy” with more neutrals. It’s a big departure from color all over the place, which is what we’ve been seeing. We didn’t see a lot of nail art during Fashion Week, but I did like the chevron look [a reverse French manicure with some edge].  It’s very interesting with the play of a neutral color and dark color used together.” Q: Look, I have a hang nail! What now?  A: “Don’t cut it! You never want to cut the skin. Take a top coat to seal it down. Be sure to use cuticle oil every day to keep the skin soft and smooth.” Got any manicure/pedicure questions for Essie?


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