Have you ever wondered how spa experts keep their (and their friends) skin looking flawless? We talked to two estheticians, Elena Arboleda, the head esthetician at Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon and Deborah Caballero, an esthetician at the Townhouse Spa in NYC to find out skincare secrets they only share off duty. #1 A higher price tag doesn't always mean higher quality Make sure you look at the order of ingredients on the product label so you can see what you're really paying for. More concentrated ingredients will appear first in the list. If the first ingredient in crazy-expensive product X is petroleum jelly, you can probably get the same results from a jar of petroleum jelly. #2 Hit the medicine aisle "Believe it or not, Mylanta works to soothe and tone down redness after a Brazillian," says Caballero. Besides soothing stomach problems like heart burn and indigestion, taking one pill prior to a wax will keep soreness at bay! #3 Eye cream is the perfect face mask primer "When a face mask hardens, it will pull the skin a bit, which can cause irritation," Arboleda states. "To protect the delicate skin around the eyes and lips from tugging with it, I tell my friends to apply a rich eye cream to those areas before applying the mask." #4 Clear thin masking tape can be used as an anti-ager "It really works," says Caballero. Before going to bed, tape the area between your eyebrows so you don't wake up with a frown line. In the morning, gently remove it with an oil-based cleanser. #5 Layer for better results For example, if you want to do a deep cleansing mask at home, a clay mask is the way to go. But if you have dry skin, Arboleda recommends applying a thin layer of hydrating serum to clean skin before applying the mask to prevent dehydration. Have you overheard any fun skincare tips lately? Dish! 


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