We’ve all been asked the question: What one item would you bring to a deserted island? As a kid, my answer was, “a never-ending supply of Tootsie Rolls…duh.” When I turned 16 my answer changed to “Robby Viola, the cute boy in third period.” But now? NOW my coveted bottle of Essie polish in Really Red trumps candy and crushes any day of the week (on a deserted island). Here’s what other product junkies can’t live without…EVER. #1 Versatile Lip Gloss “I LOVE Lancome Juicy Tubes (in Berry Bold and Tickled Pink). The glosses are my go-to since they go on sheer enough to wear alone or can be worn over lipstick without competing. Plus the small tube fits perfectly in a clutch when going out at night!” —Eileen Dautruche, misswhoeveryouare.com #2 Skin-Smoothing Exfoliator “My can't-live-without-it-gotta-have-it-in-multiple-tubs-beauty-product is Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate. It is expensive, but I keep coming back to it. I use it once a week, leaving it on for five minutes. When I wash it off my skin glows and feels so smooth.” —Carla Maganinho, product-girl.com #3 Unassuming Mattifyer “I have combination skin, and for years I fought my oily T-zone. Last year I discovered Milk of Magnesia and I've had amazing results. A light layer under my foundation and I can be matte all day.” —Christine Mikesell, 15minbeauty.blogspot.com #4 Budget-Friendly Hand Cream (That Works) “It's not very glamorous, but I would be lost without my Eucerin Daily Skin Fortifying Hand Cream.  My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac so I wash my hands A LOT to prevent contamination or spreading of germs. It's a budget-friendly find that I go through like kids go through Jell-o!” —Tammy Gibson, amominredhighheels.com #5 Tasty Lip Balm “If I could only use one beauty product for the rest of my life, it would be Bonne Bell LipSmackers. I've had them as part of my product arsenal since I was a teenager, and I have to say—no other chapstick makes my pout softer, smoother, or more moisturized than these do.”—Jamie Allison Sanders, thebeautyoflifeblog.com #6 Lash Lengthener “I can't imagine wearing mascara without using a metal lash comb (I like Tweezerman’s) right afterwards. It combs out clumps, separates the lashes, and basically makes any mascara look better.”—Karla Sugar, karlasugar.net        What is your if-I-were-stranded-on-a-deserted island beauty must-have?


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