Aug 21, 2015

How is it already the weekend?! Well, almost. While you’re hangin’ in there at the office, we’ve got a great way to kill a few hours. Just make sure no one can see your computer screen because there’s a lot to catch up on in the beauty world right now! Like how to get the most out of your nearly empty makeup and what the way you apply lipstick says about you! Curious? Read on …


  • Because the right brows make a BIG difference! (Refinery29)
  • 7 things you didn’t know about working in the beauty industry. (Byrdie)
  • What the shape of your worn-down lipstick says about you. (IntoTheGloss)
  • 22 beauty resolutions to make in your 30s … (PopSugar)
  • Hacks on how to get every last drop out of your makeup! (Buzzfeed)
  • Have you been misusing this cult-classic beauty product? We have. (TheZoeReport)

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