Aug 7, 2015

Nothing astonishes us more than trends we just cant wrap our beauty-obsessed brains around. Check out this new nail look that gives a new meaning to the word “hump,” along with some other interesting things we found going on in the makeup world this week — like how your beauty routine can actually help you live longer! We knew it …


  • Brains or beauty. Which would you choose? (Byrdie)
  • This new nail trend has us all kinds of confused. (Cosmopolitan)
  • 19 things a makeup addict would NEVER say. (Buzzfeed)
  • 14 issues only lipstick lovers understand …  (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Your cute half-bun resembles THIS. (Marie Claire)
  • Apparently makeup can help improve your health. That’s all we need to know. (Yahoo Beauty)
See what else is going on in the world of beauty! 


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