Feb 27, 2015 Makeup.com Looks

TGIF: 6 Things You Need to See Before the Weekend

Have you ever been so fascinated by a good makeup video that you’ve watched it about a million times? No need to be ashamed — we’ll be the first to raise our hands! Want to know the videos we’ve watched at least a hundred times just this week? Read on for those links and more!

link roundup beauty inspiration

  • NY Fashion Week models caught in the act … (Byrdie.com)
  • Don’t you want to know how your grandma wore her makeup through the decades? (The Cut)
  • In case you want to copy Kim K’s 5-day blowout … (Into the Gloss)
  • For a good look at “happily ever after” … (Yahoo! Beauty)
  • Seriously, Amber Fillerup Clark, your hairstyles are perfection … (BarefootBlonde.com)
  • Suddenly, impossibly long, thick locks seem within reach for those of us with the thinnest and shortest of hair … (TheEveryGirl.com)

Where did you find your beauty inspiration this week? Share the links in the comments below!



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