Feb 20, 2015

If only every single one of us could be in New York for Fashion Week, right? That would be the dream. In the meantime, we’re closely following all that’s happening, and drooling over most of it. Aren’t you? Here’s what’s got us excited this week.

link roundup beauty inspiration

  • What happens when you hand an NYFW makeup artist a GoPro … (Vogue)
  • A trip back in time on the red carpet … (
  • The importance of putting natural hair in the right hands … (Refinery29)
  • Products we’re LOVING this week. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)
  • Wonder what your ancestor’s beauty routines looked like? (Yahoo! Beauty)
  • Because it’s Friday, and a glass of wine sure does sound great … (Buzzfeed)

Where did you find your beauty inspiration this week? Share the links in the comments below!



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