Jan 23, 2015

Ever bemoaned the fact that guys don’t have to wear makeup? Not that we girls have to wear it, but every once in a blue moon, we get a bit jealous that the boys in our lives don’t have to spend like 10 minutes before bed scrubbing (gently scrubbing) the waterproof mascara from their eyes. Which is why we were particularly entertained by the first two links below. Click through below for those articles and more interesting beauty news from the week.


  • These men are oh-so-brave, don’t you agree? (wink, wink) … (Refinery29)
  • OK, OK, so this guy actually IS brave … (Buzzfeed)
  • Is this one thing we all do making us look older? … (Byrdie)
  • The trouble with “it” girls … (Buzzfeed)
  • We want to join this secret society … (
  • Facials for...your mouth? Count us in (IntotheGloss)

Would your guy ever give makeup a shot? Sound off in the comments below!



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