Jul 24, 2015

Are you getting into any fun this weekend? Hopefully no matter how tough this week has been, you can spend your weekend relaxing in the sun (with plenty of sunscreen, of course!). Below you’ll find some really spectacular tips for self-tanning to have you nice and bronzed before you even don your swimsuit. Read on for that and more from our friends around the Web!

beauty link roundup

  • Who would’ve thought curdled milk had anything to do with self-tanning? (
  • If you’ve ever wondered how beauty routines differ throughout the country, this is for you. (
  • This drugstore mascara is simply spectacular. (
  • Have a question? Cosmo gets all your beauty questions answered. (
  • Rapunzel isn’t the only Disney character we’d like to imitate. (
  • This is the best trick to looking paparazzi perfect! (

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