Jun 12, 2015
By now, you must have heard everything there is to know about Caitlyn Jenner and her Vanity Fair cover. But, what we’re also really interested in is what her makeup artist used for the shoot (we could learn a thing or two!). Lucky for us, Glamour featured some behind-the-scenes details. Check this out and more — like beauty secrets from Nana and some Smoky Palette fun — in this week’s beauty news roundup!  

  • TGIFBehind the “beauty scenes” of Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover. (Glamour)
  • Watch, watch and re-watch this tutorial before the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette comes out! (Byrdie)
  • Grandma always knows best! (Cosmopolitan)
  • Find out what your pimples say about you. (Refinery29)
  • This new summer mascara trend might shock you. (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Finally — the secrets behind spraying perfume so it lasts! (Into The Gloss)

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