Mar 6, 2015

It seems like men are ruling the roost on the beauty circuit this week. From Jared Leto’s dramatic hair change that just about broke the Internet (sorry Kim K), to a father offering sage beauty advice, testosterone was rocking the beauty world — and we love it! Check out a couple male-centric articles that captured our attention (and our hearts) as well as a few other little gems keeping our beauty game on the cutting edge!

beauty tips

  • Forget Mom. Looks like Dad knows best when it comes to beauty secrets to live by. (Man Repeller)
  • Jared Leto’s long, ombré locks are gone with the wind. Cue female crying. (Byrdie)
  • Simple beauty? Not so much. Prepare to be very surprised by the price of being a low maintenance girl. (The Coveteur)
  • We’ve heard of double cleansing. Now enter the age of double masking! (Refinery 29)
  • You’re probably going to be Greenpeace’s biggest supporter after you read this. (Beauty High)
  • Research finally proves that sad movies and emotional eating go together like Ben & Jerry’s and ex-boyfriends. (Cosmopolitan)

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten from dear old Dad? Share with the class in the comments below!



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