May 29, 2015

Is it maybe kinda sorta possible that you don’t wash your makeup brushes enough? Guilty! To read about the shocking percentage of women who don’t EVER wash their makeup brushes, check out the first link below. And for more fascinating information from the rest of the beauty world, well, just keep reading!

beauty link roundup

  • Are you kidding me with all that bacteria? Ew. (
  • Do you love makeup so much that you want to make a career of it? Here are some tips from an expert! (
  • A rapper wants to start a makeup line … for men. (
  • It’s getting hot — so try out this cool-girl hair knot. (
  • The age-old question: Should your mani match your lips or not?! (
  • Curly-haired girls should read this … because plopping doesn’t really seem to work. (

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