Sep 11, 2015

Well, looks like we’re back to our two-day-weekend schedules. *Sigh* Obviously the best way to lift your spirits is with the latest and greatest beauty news (it sure helps us get through the last few hours of Friday). The most shocking story of them all? Turns out that RBF isn’t such a bad thing after all! Read up on this and more in this week’s roundup!


  • Where you should never (ever, ever) buy makeup. (Byrdie)
  • These oils from The Body Shop are LIFE — hence their name. (xovain)
  • Resting b*tch face actually makes you a better human, according to science. (marie claire)
  • 9 comics that depict how real the beauty struggle is … (Buzzfeed)
  • Be a cool girl and join the bang gang! (StyleCaster)
  • This is how you can reverse years and years of heavy highlighting. (Popsugar)

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