Sep 25, 2015

This has been quite the week in the beauty world. In case you missed it, there’s a HUGE makeup collaboration about to drop, bold blue brows are a thing and pyromania is acceptable when it comes to your lash routine. Who knew? Read up on these things and more in this week’s TGIF roundup!


  • The average woman owns how many beauty products?! (Byrdie)
  • *Cue the Freakout* An Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani collab is coming. OMG. (Refinery29)
  • This Korean method of curling your lashes involves FIRE. (theCoveteur)
  • Eyebrows à la Cookie Monster. (StyleCaster)
  • 25 top beauty bloggers share their favorite makeup tips and fall trends! (
  • The top nail polish colors of all time, according to essie. (The Zoe Report)

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