Oct 2, 2015 Makeup.com Spotlight

TGIF: 6 Things You Need to See Before the Weekend

Another workweek out the window and we’re ready to get this party started! Before we go off to HH with our gals to dish on the latest hair and makeup trends we’re loving (and hating) over margaritas, we’ve got some news in store for you! From tie-dye making its way to your hair, to the effects of your morning coffee on your complexion and another fab collab — this week is the bearer of great beauty news!  

6 things you need to see before the weekend

  • Forget T-shirts. Tie-Dye HAIR is now a thing. (marie claire)
  • The mother of ALL makeup tutorials is here! (Makeup.com)
  • What your morning latte really does to your complexion. (Byrdie)
  • This Shu Uemura collaboration calls for an early start on our X-mas wishlist … (Popsugar)
  • 19 times contouring got completely out of control. (Buzzfeed)
  • The real thought process of putting on makeup. (Man Repeller


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