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Regardless of what the Real Housewives will have you believe, you don’t have to resort to visiting a cosmetic dermatologist to turn back the clock. Sometimes, something as simple as switching up your makeup (or the way you put it on) can have a big impact. We asked makeup artists to share the secrets they rely on to make their clients look like they’re part of Generation Y, even if they’re really Generation X. Steal their best moves! Don't go too matte. Applying powder to your face will get rid of shine, but if you’re too heavy handed it can suck the life out of your skin. To maintain a youthful glow, ease up on the powder and try LA-based makeup pro Mylah Morales’s trick: “Prep your skin with moisturizer then spritz your face with toner before and after applying foundation.” Follow with a super-light dusting of loose powder, but only if you’re skin is oily. Go for bright lips. If you’re a nude lipstick devotee, consider giving bolder colors a try. “Pale lipstick often leaves women looking washed out,” says NYC-based makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. To make your face look instantly fresher, try a swipe of bright pink, orangey-red or berry lip color. And yes, you can rock them during the day—just pair daring colors with a touch of mascara and leave the rest of your face naked. Pamper your undereyes. "Dryness around the eyes can really age a woman’s face. Apply a thick, rich eye cream under your eyes to smooth the skin and keep makeup from settling into lines,” says NYC-based makeup artist Ross Burton. One he loves: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. And don’t even think about applying makeup over undereye bags—you’ll only make them more noticeable. To deal with puffiness, Morales suggests an intense treatment like Talika Eye Therapy Patch. Leave it on for 30 minutes twice a week to send those bags packing. Try a highlighter. You know that amazing, just-back-from-vacation glowiness that many celebs always seem to have on the red carpet? The secret is strategically placed highlighter. “Take a little bit and mix it with your foundation. It catches the light and gives a candle-lit effect to the skin,” says Burton. Don’t wear base? Dab highlighter just above your cheekbones and onto your brow bones for subtle radiance. Try Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer. Make your eyes look huge. In less time than it probably takes you to brush your teeth, you can make your whole face look more awake. Just curl your lashes! “It makes your eyes look lifted, more defined and younger,” says Sotomayor. Apply a thickening mascara to lashes after you curl to boost the wide-eyed effect. Sotomayor’s pick: Lancome Hypnose Custom Volume Mascara. Hide little lines. A face primer not only keeps your makeup in place, but it can also work as a “filler.” “Dab it onto fine lines on the outer corner of your eyes after you apply your makeup. It won’t mess up your foundation or concealer, but it blurs the lines,” says Burton.


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