India-Jewel Jackson Mar 19, 2012
From New York to London to Milan to Paris, we popped backstage at a TON of runway shows this season to chat with the beauty experts behind the glam looks spotted on the catwalk. Here are seven of the simplest hair and makeup tips we learned that we hope you’ll try. We’re certain they’ll help transform you from just plain pretty to jaw dropping gorgeous!
  • Hold a square of toilet tissue underneath your eyes when dusting dark eyeshadow across your eyelids. It’ll keep you from having to touch-up your foundation.
  • After you’ve applied your blush, sweep highlighter across both sides of your face—from the very top of the apples of your cheeks to your temples—for an extra glint of glow.
  • Before doing your makeup, clamp your tresses back with a hair clip. Be sure to insert a square of toilet tissue between your hair and the clip to avoid unsightly creasing.
  • When applying concealer with a brush, paint it on using super short, super swift strokes so that it better disappears into your skin.
  • For an extra bright-eyed, bushy-tailed look, lightly tap concealer all the way around your eyes—from underneath your brows to just above the apples of your cheeks—with your ring finger.
  • For sharply lined lips, use a lip liner first to shape your mouth. After you’ve applied your color, draw more attention to your lips by dabbing a bit of highlighter on your cupid’s bow, and just underneath the center of your bottom lip.


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