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It's easy for any beauty junkie to become a beauty hoarder. *Slowly raises hand as a pile of mascaras falls from the dresser.* In an attempt to avoid an on-air intervention (yep, it's gotten that bad), we’ve become newly-inspired to clean up our act with these pretty and practical solutions from beauty editors, publicists, and bloggers (you know, the people that see—and test—a bajillion new products every season). Get their top tips for handling cosmetic clutter. And then...restock!

Storage Trick #1: Use a pretty tray to display 

Skip the ratty cosmetics case; if you use an elegant holder there’s no need to hide it. “Keeping my makeup in the tray lets me toss products into it without having to organize them, and it still prevents overflow," says Kate Sandoval, beauty editor of Latina magazine. "Plus, I'm a visual person and love to have all of my options set out in front of me so that I don't forget what I have."

Storage Trick #2: Maximize (then minimize) your storage space

An expanding container houses a lot of loot, but doesn’t overwhelm your precious space. “This train case is all about practicality; it folds up into the perfect little box,” says Kendall Ford, a beauty publicist at Lippe Taylor. “You would never know how much is inside, which is great for when company comes over.”

Storage Trick #3: Don’t throw away old candles

It’s simple to go green and get a great new storage container. “I’ve hallowed out a candle that I’ve had forever and I now keep all of my big brushes inside.  It’s a cute, re-purposed pot and it’s nice enough to be left out of the drawer!” says Ford.

Storage Trick #4: Organize by purpose

"I am swimming in beauty products!” says Patricia Reynoso, director of public relations at Lancôme. “It's a good problem to have—and I'm not complaining—but it does get overwhelming. I've found that housing similar products together is an effective, pretty way to truly see what I have.”

Storage Trick #5: Incorporate sentimental objects

“I keep my mascaras in a teacup with an ‘S’ on it. It was a wedding favor from a good friend’s wedding and it makes me smile,” says Sandoval.

Storage Trick #6: Check out the local donation store

A pretty container doesn’t have to cost much. “I paid $2 for this tray at Goodwill and I love its pretty texture and soft colors. I keep my Lancôme Color Fever Glosses on it because I love how they line up so nicely,” says Reynoso.

Storage Trick #7: Look around the kitchen

Ever notice how beautiful food jars are? Think about how you can reuse them to store other items. This bright tea tin is perfect for storing makeup brushes, mascara, or liners. How do you store your beauty loot?


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