Jennifer Hirshlag Jan 14, 2013
The awards show season kicked off last night with a beauty look at the 70th Golden Globes that we started seeing in December. On hiatus were the hallmarks of all-out glamour—the flawless luminous complexion, smoked-out fringed eye, bold red lip and highly coiffed updo—and in their place was a natural elegance paired with springlike gowns in hues including white, baby blue and tangerine. Zero Dark Thirty lead actress winner Jessica Chastain made one of the most dramatic statements of the evening with modern hair that was sculpted off the face at the front and fell into soft cascading waves at the back. It updated her classic Hollywood makeup and beautiful berry smile. Rosie Huntington-Whitely took a similar approach, with a twist of her bangs giving an otherwise traditional red-carpet ensemble a youthful new life. Lucy Liu coiled a teased-out fishtail braid around a complexion that was all about bare prettiness, with a soft brown shadow, flick of eyeliner and petal gloss being the only visible traces of cosmetics. Jessica Alba and Kerry Washington used color to strategically distinguish their easygoing looks—Alba with an orange pout straight off the spring 2013 runways and Washington with '70's-tinged blue eye—for a refreshing direction that could shake things up as we approach the Oscars. EVENING OF JANUARY 13, 2013 Who: Jessica Chastain Who: Lucy Liu Who: Jessica Alba Who: Kerry Washington Who: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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