Angela Melero Nov 7, 2014

foolproof hairstyles
We’ve all had those mornings. You sleep through your alarm, realize you need to be at work in 30 minutes, can’t find a thing to wear and, on top of everything else, are dealing with a seriously bad hair day. (For those of you who haven’t had such an experience, good for you — it’s coming.) These rushed moments happen to the best of us, so it’s important to have some magical hair tricks up our sleeves to get us out the door in minutes (think Superman in a phone booth). To make life easier, we went into our archives and dug up some quick and easy hair tutorials that will take you from “blah” to “BOOM.”

1. Messy Chignon
2. Messy Braid
messy braid
3. Slicked Back Pony
slick back pony
4. Bobby Pin Art
bobby pin hair
5. Fishtail Braided Bun
fishtail bun
6. Sleek Bun
bun gif
7. Short Hair Updo
updo for short hair
8. Instant Waves

Which of these styles is your favorite? Spill in the comments below!



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