8 Signs You're Ready for a Makeover

ready for a makeover
It’s spring, kids! That time of year when the sun is always shining and the flowers are in bloom. But, why should flowers and sun have all the fun? Maybe it’s time for you to let your inner butterfly out and try a new look. Not sure if you’re ready to spread those beauty wings yet (or if you even need to)? Check out these surefire (and slightly silly) signs it’s time for a makeover.

time for a makeover
1. Even after coercion via root-lifting spray, texturizing powder and hair spray, your hair insists on taking a limp, lifeless stance.

bold lips
2. That “go-to” lipstick you rock every day is the same one you rocked as a teen (wayyy back when chain-link belts were in -- yikes!).

wake up well-rested
3. People continuously say, “You look tired,” even with full makeup (and a full eight hours of sleep).

bob haircut

4. Your hair is dangerously similar to your mother’s. Sorry Mom. We’re just not ready for your look yet.

cat eye looks
5. The first thing that pops into your mind when you see a great cat eye or bold lipstick is, “Ugh, I wish I could pull that off.” You can, sister. And you will. LIKE-A-BOSS.

hair chalk
6. Kylie Jenner’s sometimes-teal hair makes you positively green with envy. Ride the wave and go full on mermaid already.

supermodel hair

7. You’re going through a breakup and want to show Mr. Wrong what he’s missing.

sleek vixen

8. In addition to getting over said Mr.Wrong, you’re looking to reel in Mr.Right.

Based on the signs, are you due for a makeover? 'Fess up in the comments below!



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