ajackson Sep 9, 2011
Beauty products come and go, but there are those coveted few that have changed the course of life as we know it. Okay, perhaps I’m being a little melodramatic here, but think about it. Where would we be (er, how would we look) without the flat iron…or quick dry nail polish…or self-tanner? Following in the footsteps of so many genius inventors before us, the Makeup.com writers/bloggers set out to imagine what the next BIG thing in beauty might be (think: mascara wipes…you rub ‘em over your eyes and oila, your mascara is applied perfectly). Read on for more brilliant ideas. Nail Polish Chip Eater “The second your lacquer starts chipping, the polish senses this and automatically peels off so you never have to bother with nail polish remover—or embarrassing chipped nails—again.” —Nicole Pearl StyleMaker 3000 “It would look like those big, egg shaped hair dryers that you stick your entire head under, BUT it would have buttons on the side that give you a blow dry and style—i.e. ‘the flatiron,’ ‘the volumizer,’ ‘the hipster/bedhead,’ ‘the beach toussled waves’—in under 15 seconds.” –Julia DiNardo Magic Shampoo “This cleanser grows your hair an inch after each wash (this way it allows for growth control and you don't end up looking like Cousin It).” —Jeannine Morris Robo Hairstylist “I would love a robotic hairstylist. Or really, just two detached arms that can hover above my head, holding a blowdryer and round brush, to get all those angles that I just can't do myself!” –Mandy Hendrix Ambidextrous Nail Polish “I want a nail polish for both lefties and righties that makes it easy to polish all of your nails perfectly.” —Andrea Arterbery Instant Leg-Smoothing Chamber “You walk in, close the door for 60 seconds and when you come out all of your leg hair is gone. No more shaving!” –Baze Mpinja Mascara Sealant “So that the lash ends can't touch your lids and leave tiny black dots.” –Lauren Cosenza Laser Razor “Simply run this contraption over your legs (and, um, other 'body areas') to FOREVER remove hair for permanently smooth skin.” –Grace Gold Skin-Perfecting Blotting Papers “Just pat these on your face for instant complexion perfection. Instead of just absorbing oil, they smooth fine lines, diffuse spots, and shrink pimples.” —Tara Fuller  What beauty product invention would you create?


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