tfuller Jan 20, 2012
I’ve never been good with hair. I can brush it, have mastered the not-so-attractive ‘this is my gym look’ bun, and tend to sport a sloppy side-braid and call it stylish just for kicks. I often look at other girls and their perfect hairdos and wonder: how does she do it!?  My excuse for resorting to the same looks over and over is that I refuse to spend an excessive amount of time getting ready in the morning. But, let’s be honest, I just haven’t taken the time to learn how to do my hair (minus the classic looks mentioned above). On a day when I was feeling particularly ambitious, however, I decided to buy a curling iron (I KNOW!). Upon first attempt, my face was burned—while twirling a measly piece of hair that, in the end, didn’t even curl. As ‘fierce’ as my face wound may have looked (thank you friends, for saying that to make light of the situation), my curling iron and I broke up, and I returned it the following day. It just wasn’t meant to be… A year later, I stumbled upon Emily Schuman’s beachy waves how-to. (She makes it look so easy!) After one single try, I tamed the curling iron beast and mastered the look. Here’s how you can too. What you will need:
  • A curling iron (I use a 1 ½ inch barrel, which is best for large, loose waves)
  • A hair clip to section your hair
  • Hair spray (I like the soft hold of Pureology In Charge)
Step 1: Section your hair. If you have really thick hair like me, sectioning is key. I like to split my hair down the middle and secure the side I’m not starting with in a hair tie (we can call this a ‘uni pigtail’), and then pin the top half of my hair on the other side up with a clip so it’s out of the way. Step 2: Get your curl on. Start by grabbing a three-inch section of hair closest to the back of your head. Using your other hand, grab the curling iron, turn it upside down (don’t use the clasp!), and wrap your hair around it, going from top to bottom, making sure to curl away from your face. Hold for as long as desired (I suggest playing around with the temperatures and hold times to find your ideal wave), and let lose. Continue doing this with uniform pieces until each section is finished. Tip: Spend more time on sections in the front and on the top. Step 3: Tousle and spray. If you like your waves on the looser side, gently run your fingers through your hair when you’re done curling. This will give it a messy ‘I swear I woke up like this’ look. Touch up and re-curl pieces as needed, and then flip your head over and give a nice spray to the front and back. If your hair holds a curl well, use less product, if not, use more. Step 4: Do it all over again. My favorite thing about this style is that it looks even better the next day—and requires less work. Simply wake up, touch up any necessary pieces, spritz on Oscar Biandi dry shampoo if needed, reapply hairspray, and you’re good to go! What are your curling tricks?  


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