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In this latest installment, we caught up with Taryn Multack—nail artist and senior social media manager for essie—to talk about her fabulous career, the perfect manicure and the intersection where fashion and nail design meet.


Taryn Multack


You’re a self-taught nail artist. When did you first begin practicing?

I’ve always had a knack for painting nails. I’ve been changing my manicure three times a week since college! That said, I created my first nail art look just after NYFW September 2011. I saw a Marni print that I was completely in love with and thought to myself, “that would look so cool as nail art.”


What was your first job in the fashion or beauty industry?

I’ve had a ton of internships in various avenues of the fashion industry, like Oscar de la Renta and W Magazine, but my first official job was doing trend forecasting for Macy’s.


Beauty Makers Essie


What was your path to leading social media for essie?

I had been working on my personal business—Miss Ladyfinger—full-time for about three years, and throughout that time, I made great connections with the L'Oréal Group. I received a phone call from one of my friends on the essie team in January 2015, and she asked me if I wanted to come lead social for essie ... of course I said, “YES!”.


What do you love about what you do?

Not to get all sappy, but this is truly my dream job. The fact that I earned it from building a business rooted in my deepest passion is incredible to me. The stars totally aligned for me, and I am a firm believer that hard work pays off. Working in social media (especially for a brand that I admired growing up) is so rewarding, especially when you love color and creating content as much as I do.


What are your favorite Snapchat accounts? What is it you love about them?

@Heart.Defensor is my all-time favorite—her fur babies crack me up!

@ArielleCharnas for her edible baby girl.

And @HannahBronfman who is such an inspiring #girlboss.

Beauty Makers Essie


Do you have any predictions for upcoming social media trends in beauty?

I think the chrome mirror nails and holo highlighters are a definite sign of what’s to come, foreshadowing the creation of more tech-forward products. I’m all about these new trends—any excuse to channel my inner unicorn!


Have you had any professional mentors? If so, who?

Eva Chen has been an incredible mentor to me from the very beginning of Miss Ladyfinger. I’m also fortunate to have a strong team of business advisors and women in the workforce who inspire me every day.


Beauty Makers Essie


What are a few nail polish shades everyone should have on hand?

I love a deep shade, whether it's black, deep burgundy or navy blue. Of course, everyone should have a fire engine red and nude nail polish, too.


Who are your top 5 favorite fashion designers?

1. Prabal Gurung

2. Alexander Wang

3. Valentino

4. Rodarte

5. Balmain


How do you come up with new ideas? Are there any places that you visit again and again to jumpstart your creativity?

As cliché as this sounds, I scour Vogue.com for all of my inspiration. Fashion is such a great jumping off point since it's so colorful, visual and expressive. The tagline for Miss Ladyfinger is: “runway to your fingertips.” While 90 percent of the time I can’t afford what comes off the runway, I can absolutely rock a piece of it on my nails. It’s my way of expressing myself through painting while also paying tribute to the designers that inspire me.


Beauty Makers Essie


What’s your favorite maintenance tip between manis?

Always file—even if just a little. It’s like getting your hair trimmed—the more upkeep you do, the stronger your nails will be! I also use a nail strengthening base coat for preventative nail care, which also makes them stronger at the same time.


You’ve given the advice that if someone is wondering when to start as an entrepreneur or in their career, they should just...start. Do you have any advice for people who don’t quite know what do or where to start?

Starting a business is a really daunting idea. It can feel overwhelming. My advice is just dive in. Start small and work your way up. Remember: Everyone starts somewhere, and regardless of whether you’re building a business or a career—you’ll grow and evolve no matter what. Definitely make sure it’s your passion though! That’s most important.


Beauty Makers Essie


What are your favorite essie products and why?

My two all-time favorite shades are ‘devil’s advocate’—I wear this exclusively on my toes—and ‘no place like chrome.’ ‘No place like chrome’ creates a mirrored nail look without destroying your nails. It’s always been a go-to of mine.


What’s your favorite social platform these days?

I’m not over Instagram yet. It’s curated content, and I’m a sucker for eye candy. The other platform I’ve been loving lately is Musical.ly—my nine year old niece is obsessed, and it’s actually a lot of fun!


Pizza or Tacos?

Both. And ice cream.  



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